Guy Takes Fake Book Covers Onto Subway – See How People Reacted!

Comedian Scott Rogowsky had the right idea… He noticed something that readers around the world share – we would not bring just any book onto subway for some casual reading. Yes, there are titles we would not read in public (if we even would read it in private)!

In one of the busiest subways in the world, in New York, Scott made a little social experiment: he faked some interesting book covers and filmed how passengers around him reacted. While some the titles were really funny, and some somewhat edgy, all were really awkward and super entertaining! He used titles like “1000 Places To See Before You’re Executed By ISIS”, “Mein Kampf: for Kids!”, “How to Hold a Fart In” etc.

Needless to say, several passengers were more than a little surprised by the comedian’s seemingly shameless interest in “alternative” literature, although it certainly made their commute to work a little more interesting than usual.

You can follow Scott on his Twitter and Facebook page!



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