10 Funny Book Dedications That Actually Got Published

I love reading book dedications! Often, it is our first touch with an author. it is intimate to read those words that often show what they truly cherish in life, what they hope for the book, what they hold dear.
But sometimes, authors get bold, and instead of constructing a “proper” dedication, they write words that are unorthodox, honest and often humorous. Here are 10 of dedications like that!

1. “The Selection” by Kiera Cass

2. “Psychos: A White Girl Problems Book” by Babe Walker
3. “An Introduction To Algebraic Topology” by Joseph J. Rotman
4. “The House of Hades” by Rick Riordan
5. “My Shit Life So Far” by Frankie Boyle
6. “Austenland” by Shannon Hale
7. “The Land Of Stories” by Chris Colfer
8. “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain
9. “No Thanks” by E.E. Cummings


10. “Post Office” by Charles Bukowski



24 thoughts on “10 Funny Book Dedications That Actually Got Published

  1. It isn’t a dedication, but I recently caught this at the beginning of a book:

    This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real-life space military werewolves is entirely coincidental.

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  2. Wade Albert White has written two Juvenile Fiction books. The first, The Adventurer’s Guide to Successful Escapes, is dedicated “To the squirrels”. The second, The Adventurer’s Guide to Dragons, is dedicated “to the third person on your left. Please let them know.”


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