Neil Gaiman Is Writing a Six-Part Good Omens Miniseries

Neil Gaiman’s latest project was recently announced along with two other brand new Pratchett-based adaptations. When it rains, it pours.

At a memorial for Terry Pratchett on Thursday night, it was revealed that Gaiman would be writing the script for the long-awaited filmed version of Good Omens (there was a radio play on BBC 4 last year). Even though Gaiman and Pratchett had a deal to always work on Good Omens-related works together, Pratchett had written a letter, to be delivered posthumously, asking Gaiman to do it. “At that point, I think I said, ‘You bastard, yes,’” Gaiman said to the memorial crowd. He also revealed that it would be a six-part television series.

Here’s another one from Gaiman’s twitter:


Still in the works, and not abandoned, is a fan-funded version of the short story “Troll Bridge” and the Discworld TV procedural called The Watch.




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