“How to Get Over a Broken Heart?” – One Fans Question to Neil Gaiman

“You don’t, ever. Not quite. But time can do amazing things. A deep wound scabs over, and the scab becomes a scar, and then one day you look for the scar and it’s barely visible. 

What’s important is not to become the wound. Not to spend your life and your time and your attention on the hurt and the heartbreak. Take it and make art with it, instead, or use it to push yourself forward, into things, not away from them.

Good luck.”


You can see the original post here.



  1. I found that surrounding yourself with people who love and care about you helped. Spend time with good friends and family. Staying very busy and not allowing too much downtime to think helps too. Time does in fact heal. The pain may never completely go away but it changes, becomes easier to be happy and there is life after a broken heart. Find joy in the journey.


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