Summer in the City – Hot Books to Read this Summer

It’s getting to that time of year where we are thinking about a lovely break in the sun. For some of us, this might mean a lovely relax in a tropical destination or floating in the pool of a swanky European hotel. For me, this means a wonderful week-long chill in a countryside cottage with a selection books to indulge in with an iced G & T, my husband and my dog.

I’m sure you will agree, that when you think of chilling out and totally relaxing, a heavy novel full of doom, murder or mystery is not quite what I’m looking for. Instead, I turn to the light-hearted tales of young women such as myself who find themselves in some type of predicament, usually relating to love.

However, I have found that by and large the very best of these novels seem to take me (sadly in my mind and not in reality) to the busy, buzzing streets of New York City. So, to help you with your summer reading list, here are my top summer reads which go hand in hand with a day in the sun and a cosmopolitan in hand.


The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger


This fantastic novel became hugely famous back in 2006 when the film adaptation starring Meryl Streep hit our cinema screens, however, the book is even more seductive. The story follows Andrea Sachs, a young career driven woman who after obtaining a Journalism degree gets a job at Runway magazine in New York as a stop gap in her career. She quickly realises that working for dragon-lady Miranda Priestly is in no way a stop gap and is a job that “a million girls would dream of”.

We see Andy change from a grounded recent graduate to one of the Runway girls who she always said she hated and watch the threads of her life unravel as the threads of her designer clothing slowly get more glamorous. It is a must-read and offers a sequel which is just as good for those longer holidays!

Get the book here.

Christmas at Tiffany’s by Karen Swan


Yes, I did just say Christmas! This novel is so beautifully written that I couldn’t include it. This is the heartbreaking tale of Cassie, an English rose who finds her marriage in tatters and ends up visiting her three best girl friends in Paris, London and New York in a bid to find happiness again.

Full of scandal, potential new lovers and dramas that any girl can understand, it is a light and easy read full of laughs and tears to capture your imagination while lazing of your sun lounger!

Get the book here.

Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes


I came across this brilliant novel in JFK airport when leaving New York for the first time at 16 years old following a family trip. It follows the lives of two New Yorkers, the unnamed protagonist and Julie Bergdorf, heir to the Bergdorf Goodman fortune and it girl.

It is an irresistible story of heartbreak and healing in the glamorous background of New York’s upper east side and allows you to drift into the world where the price tag is never an issue and where the richest girl doesn’t always have the happiest ending. A gem from Plum Sykes and a must read.

Get the book here.

Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland


This book isn’t actually out yet, but from the extracts, I have read on the author’s blog I can already tell that I will love it! The story, written by Youtuber Louise Pentland, follows the story of Robin Wilde and her struggle with being a single mother while also trying to function as a respectable human being and have a social life and relationships.

The protagonist herself sounds a lot like the author who, if you have been any of her videos, is hilarious and so naturally charismatic that it is impossible that this novel would be anything other than an absolute riot while also being completely genuine like her.

Although not set in New York, Louise wrote part of the book during her travels and has hinted at the main character visiting some special cities so I had to include it. The book is released on 29th June so just in time for the summer break and can be pre-ordered from several booksellers.

Pre-order the book here.

I would love for you to recommend any other summer reads in the comments below, happy reading!



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