The Perks of Having a Bookish Boyfriend

When I’m scoping out a potential partner, I don’t ask for much. If they’re kind and we have fun, then it’s worth a shot. But if a man reads – it’s a hell of a bonus. When I first saw the filled bookshelves of my current boyfriend, I did a mini jump for joy and obviously interrogated him on what he’d read; which included reading the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, by George RR Martin, four times through.  

Obsessive, I thought, I LOVE IT.

The past eight months have revealed to me the many joys of having a bookish boyfriend and hopefully, this article will encourage you to get a bookish boyfriend too.

He’ll understand that when you read, you’re in the zone.


He’ll rarely try to talk to you while reading, and if he does he won’t be perturbed when you haven’t noticed that he’s trying to begin a conversation. Eventually, he’ll get your attention, and if you want to postpone the conversation he’ll usually oblige.

“I’m sorry, this is such a good part!”
“That’s ok, finish the chapter.”
“Okay, I’m done. What’s up?”
“We don’t have any toilet roll.”

He’ll understand your excitement when looking at pictures of pretty libraries.


Endless scrolling through pictures of stunning libraries, cute reading nooks, and quirky bookshops doesn’t phase a bookish boyfriend. He’ll help you narrow down your favorites and will be as enthusiastic as you about having your own nook or home library.

“This one is the best.”
“No, it’s too dark. You need more light so you can actually read.”
“Very true. What about that one?”
“Perfect. All it’s lacking is a cat.”

You can recommend books to him and know they’ll be read.


You know all those recommendations that have been dormant, patiently waiting for someone to ask for them? A bookish boyfriend is a perfect outlet for the out-of-control train of words that the phrase “do you have any recommendations?” is uttered. Unintimidated by your passion, because he knows how it feels, he’ll listen to you and read what you’ve suggested.

“Have you read anything good lately?”
*claws dig into his arm* “What did you just say?”
“I was just asking—“
“Are you asking me to recommend you something?!”
“Here we go…”


If you’re a writer, he’ll happily be your beta-reader.


Not only will they probably enjoy what you’ve written, you can be satisfied knowing that the criticism you receive is carefully thought out since your other half has a vested interest in you doing well. They’ll probably put across any criticism they have sensitively also, meaning minimal tears.

“What did you think?”
“I loved it! But there are a few sentences that could do with a little tweaking…”
“You hated it, it’s trash. I knew it.”
*Throws laptop into bin and locks self in cupboard*

You have someone to browse book shops with.


Bookish boyfriends have the patience to deal with obsessive book-shop browsing. While mine would not usually spend three hours in a favorite book shop, he does understand the wonder of a book and would never try to prise me away before I’ve had my fill. If you’re very lucky, you might find a boyfriend as/more bookish than you who will be browsing alongside you the whole time.

“Do you mind if we stay a bit longer?”
“I was about to ask you the same.”

It’s probable that you’re both similarly introverted.


Both you and your partner’s idea of fun is the same; staying in watching a movie, reading or getting a takeaway (or all three). Whilst you can agree that going out with friends is fun – once in a while – you’d rather be cuddled up on the sofa than dancing in a busy club.

“It’s Saturday night, time to get crazy.”
“You just spent half your weeks budget on pizza again, didn’t you?”
“Four tenths of my budget, I’m saving money.”

Reading together.


This bliss of cuddling up in bed with your partner after a long day is fantastic. If you’re both reading, however, the feeling is unparalleled. You feel at peace, each knowing the other is enjoying themselves whilst ensuring optimum quiet conditions best for reading. The soundtrack to your bliss is merely the sound of a page being turned every now and then.

*Turns to look at partner reading, enjoying their focused face*
“Why are you staring at me?”
“I like your face.”
*Turns back to book*

But regardless of whether or not you have a boyfriend, or partner, who loves books as much as you do, as long as you’re happy – it doesn’t really matter. As long as they accept your love for books, of course.


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