Every Bookish Holiday a Bookworm Needs to Know About

There’s a National Blueberry Popsicle Day (September 2nd, if you were curious.) There’s a National Pizza With The Works-Except Anchovies-Day (November 12th.) You can give thanks that National Video Games Day and National Chocolate Shake Day fall on the same, blessed, date (September 12th.) Celebrate by freeing the girls on National No Bra Day (October 13th.) There’s even Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll Day (October 25th and no that wasn’t a joke.)

There are days that commemorate everything imaginable, but what about us bookworms? Do we get a day?

As it turns out, yes. To save you the clicking, we at BRMW have found the upcoming days that glorify all things bookish and put them together in a list here. They might not be recognized holidays that get you a day off of work, but they’re still a great excuse to pay tribute to something you love.

If you don’t find what you like, go ahead and start a National Day of your very own (register here at National Day Calendar.com)

Starting with September 25th, let’s see what days we have for us.

September 25th – National Comic Book Day

Relax with some reading and pull out your favorite comic.


October 6th – National Poetry Day*

*The date changes annually. Feel free to write a poem about how annoying it is when holidays change the date every year.

October 16th – National Dictionary Day

Learn some obscure words to celebrate.

November 1st – National Family Literacy Day

Get the whole family involved in a blissful bookworm party.


December 24th – Jolabokaflod (Christmas Book Flood)

A tradition in Iceland since imports to the gift was limited during World War II, this is the custom of giving a book to family and friends on Christmas Eve that they can then spend Christmas Day reading. This isn’t *technically* a National day, but it should be.

January 2nd – National Science Fiction Day

Because Isaac Asimov was born on January 2, 1920.

January 18th – National Thesaurus Day

If Dictionary Day wasn’t your thing, just wait.

March 2nd – National Dr. Seuss Day* and World Book Day

*If the 2nd falls on a weekend, Dr. Seuss Day moves to the closest school day. It’s also Read Across America Day, but let’s face it, we all love Dr. Seuss.

giphy (1).gif

March 8th – National Proofreading Day

Do editors know about this day?

March 21st – World Poetry Day

Another good reason to fall in love with poems.

March 25th – National Tolkien Reading Day

A fantastic excuse to read the books and then compare them to the movies with a movie night.


April 10th – National Encourage a Young Writer Day

Now that’s a day we can get behind.

April 11th – National Bookmobile Day

Part of National Library Week.

May 5th – Free Comic Book Day

Falls on the first Saturday in May, and we’re not sure how widely accepted this day is. You should probably ask before you leave with that comic book.

August 9th – National Book Lovers Day

The perfect day for us.

September 6th – National Read a Book Day

Feel free to pull out a book (or more than one) and spend the day reading. If anyone wants you to get out and do things, point them towards the hashtag #ReadABookDay

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