Jolabokaflod or Holiday Book Flood – Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

We can all agree that Iceland might be the best country for bookworms. After all, this is the place that began the tradition of Jolabokaflod (Yule-or holiday-Book Flood). If you’re looking for a place that loves and lives a bookish life, Iceland would be it.

What we can’t all do is immediately move to Iceland. If moving isn’t practical, you can bring a small piece of this paradise to you by celebrating Jolabokaflod with the giving and receiving of books. It would be an amazing thing if this tradition could catch on in some other countries, so let’s make December the month of books!

As you celebrate, one possible way to add to the party is to give a literary-themed gift along with your chosen read. I’m not forgetting that books are the root and main point of a holiday book flood. If you would like to stick to pure novel goodness for your gifts that’s awesome, and definitely a reason for celebration.

But, if you feel so led, there are whole worlds of amazing bookish gifts out there.

Let me show you the plethora of wonderful people who have devoted their talents to feed our book addictions. Their products might make a personalized, thoughtful extra for your lucky recipients.

*Prices are included just to give you a general idea of how much you could expect to spend (shipping amounts not included because those will vary widely) and are in U.S. dollars.*

1. Bookmarks (2.25$-9$)

Bookmarks from Bibliophile Prints

If you’re like me you get a bookmark, leave it in your current read, and then need *another* bookmark for your next current read or three. You can never have too many bookmarks.

Bibliophile Prints works beautiful watercolor magic, here is their Etsy shop.

CoolYeti Creations (Etsy) sells candles, decals, stickers, and magnetic bookmarks.

Ink and Wonder has super colorful wordmarks, totes, pins and wall prints on her website.

In The Reads is all about bringing you The Shire and Game of Thrones (Etsy)

And Amazon, of course, has some reasonably priced items when it comes to magnetic bookmarks.

2. Book-Themed Candles (7$-15$)


20171103_114816 (1).png
Lunar Baazar Candles


I didn’t know that I really, really wanted a candle that smells like second breakfast from The Hobbit until I knew it existed. Now I have it (plus, OK, a lot more) and I regret nothing. There are SO MANY options here, each one distinctive. This is a small business niche that grows by the day.

Book and Nook Candles shop has everything from Harry Potter to The Lunar Chronicles to smell.

Lunar Bazaar Candles shop has delicious Shire scents.

Lemon Cakes Candle Co Etsy shop contains such wacky delights as The Bog of Eternal Stench and a Luna Lovegood themed candle.

Not to mention: Wick and Fable (check out her Enchantment of Ravens set), The Bookish Flame (A Free Elf candle that smells like clean laundry, lol) A Court of Candles (here you will find Rick Riordan themed sets) Briar Wick (with amazing amounts of Harry Potter themed candles) Little Crow Candles (one that smells like a Weasley Christmas Sweater!) and Luminous Candles  (Jane Austen and The Great Gatsby themed sets). I told you there were a lot!

3. Tea and Curiosities (3.24$-10$)


Quotes from novels appear on beautiful, artistic prints or cards, as well as different curiosities like butterscotch beer tea.

Kristin Askland Esty shop draws her own beautiful watercolor stickers, greeting cards, and prints.

Riddles Tea Shoppe on Etsy has an Every Flavor Tea set inspired by the Harry Potter books and plenty of curious things.

Inspired By Jane on Amazon takes flavors from Austen novels to create their tea.

4. Enamel Pins and Jewelry (5$-18$)

Fandom Flair Pins

Wearing little pieces of my favorite books with pride and I can’t wait to give a few to my friends and family this year.

Fandom Flair enamel pins Etsy shop contains some witty pins, in multiple fandoms.

Rather Keen, enamel pins & prints Etsy shop creates a very 1920s art-deco vibe.

The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild on Amazon creates everything from Kurt Vonnegut to Sigmund Freud pins (I liked the “I love mom” touch).

Between The Pages Etsy little bookish gifts and jewelry like their 221B Baker street necklace.

Chiqui Creates intricate jewelry and tiny metal bookmarks on her website with a lovely selection inspired by Fairytale classics.

5. Socks for Comfortable Reading (5$-15$)


One of the best parts of snuggling up to read is the excuse to wear some good, fat,  fuzzy socks, especially in cold weather. Dumbledore himself knew the value of some warm woolen socks.

There are lots of local options for you but Amazon has some good cozy sets if you feel like looking online for them.

Get them here!

6. Funko Pops (8$-40$ for limited edition Funkos)


These are a bit more expensive. They are definitely a trend though and more figures get added from multiple movies, TV shows and books all the time, giving you many unique choices.

Funko is pretty much the only company making these and you can find most of them on Amazon. (Get them here!)


What sorts of book-themed items have you found or fallen in love with? Let us know in the comments to spread the word about your favorite shops.









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