18 Reading Resolutions For 2018

It’s that time of year again. The first day of the first month of a new year: the time for goals to be set, changes to be made and abs to be gained- just kidding. Here are eighteen reading resolutions that you should aim to achieve this year:

#1 Read 50 Books this year


For some, a book a week might sound like child’s play; already effortlessly woven into the weekly routine. For me though, I find it difficult to balance being a full-time student, having a social life and managing my writing and reading goals. So, this continues to be a challenge- and a goal I strive for -each year.

#2 Read a book that’s over 1000 pages long


A resolution which may lead to the death of the previous. I’m sure many of us have avoided reading an intimidatingly thick book at some time or another, scared of the commitment it commands. This year I resolve to be a slave, no more, to this ridiculous fear. That’s right ‘War and Peace’ -I’m coming for you.

#3 Read at least 10 books from the TBR pile before buying new books


I’m filled with sorrow at this resolution. What will I do with my money now? Buy shoes? What do non-bookish people spend money on? I know that it’s a smart move though- and will probably encourage me to read more, quickly. Plus, completing this goal will mean the next time I spend an unhealthy amount of money in my local Waterstones, I won’t feel as guilty- bonus!

#4 Read the (unread) book that you’ve had the longest


This is something I think most bookworms should resolve to do in 2018. If not now, when? Don’t let this bookish neglect go on any longer; If you no longer have the desire to read a book, sell it or donate it to a charity shop- I’m sure there’s someone else who’d love to read it.

#5 Read a book written by an author from every continent


Clearly, this resolution does not include Antarctica, unless you happen to know any Harper Lee-like penguins. I believe that reading diversely is important and that we can learn about other cultures through stories. Hopefully, completing this reading goal will broaden my perspective and teach me more about the world I live in.

#6 Re-read a favorite book


Arguably the resolution I’m most excited about and yet I probably wouldn’t have done it this year if I hadn’t made it a priority- what with the ever-growing, guilt-tripping to-be-read pile I have on my bookshelf.

#7 Read a book recommended to you by one (or both) of your parents


There are countless reasons as to why this resolution should be on your list: you can learn more about them in a way that you perhaps didn’t before. Plus, they’ll enjoy sharing something that means a lot to them, with you. This experience will probably lead to reading something you might never have picked up otherwise, and might really enjoy.

#8 Read a book recommended to you by another relative (e.g. your auntie, grandfather, cousin)

giphy (1).gif

Reading a relative’s favorite book is a terrific way to know them better, in a way that you might not do otherwise. Moreover, if it’s a relative who’s significantly older than you, they’re likely to have read a lot more than you have and you can be assured that, whatever they recommend you, it’ll be worth the read.

#9 Read a book from a genre you wouldn’t usually read from


I’ll admit it: I’m a little bit of a genre snob, and I know I’m not alone. Scared to exit the realms of what you know you like, sometimes you play the book-choosing game a little too safe. I can’t remember the last time I picked up a horror or murder mystery! But, as the saying goes, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone. So, I’ll be resolving to read at least one book from outside my usual taste this year.

#10 Donate THAT pile of books that you know you’re never going to read


I don’t really need to say more. You know the what books I’m talking about.

#11 Read more non-fiction and memoirs


This is always a resolution for me- New Year’s or not. Some of the most rewarding reading experiences I’ve had have been reading books from this category. Non-fiction is educational and enlightening, as are memoirs- particularly by people who’ve had a drastically different life experience to you. This one’s a no-brainer, really.

#12 Read every single day, no matter how busy you are


Not only will this ensure maximum enjoyment from 2018, it will also help you to achieve the rest of the reading resolutions you’ve made.

#13 Set yourself a limit for how much you’re allowed to spend at the bookshop in one go- and stick to it.

giphy (2).gif

That’s right, say no to book-induced debt this year. I solemnly pledge that I will spend no more than £100 per trip to the bookshop.

#14 Read more books from the library


Though I love having my own collection of books, borrowing books from the library is highly economical and more sustainable, environment-wise. Plus, a trip to the library is always nice.

#15 Read more books by marginalized authors


By reading books by marginalized authors, you can help propagate the message that these authors’ stories are important. Not only are you likely to experience a new story or perspective, you’ll be encouraging marginalized individuals to continue to speak out and share their stories.

#16 Re-read a book that you loved as a child


There are literally no downsides to this resolution. Reading a childhood-favorite will deliver unto you an unparalleled sense of nostalgia and all those warm, fuzzy feelings you remember feeling when you read this cherished story as a child.

#17 Finish a series


For many of us, there’s a series that you promise yourself you’ll finish at some point but have been making progress at a snail’s pace. Make this year your series-finishing year.

#18 Have fun

giphy (3).gif

Finally, the most important resolution on the list. Regardless of whether or not you manage to achieve your other reading resolutions, as long as you’re enjoying reading- that’s good enough.


9 thoughts on “18 Reading Resolutions For 2018

  1. I always borrow from a library. I dont think I could afford to buy or house all the books I want in my life. Besides, I think it is a better idea to support out local library so that government departments dont make the mistake of closing them down to save money because noone is using them. Use it or lose it.

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  2. I started off with #11 and I don’t always prefer Memoir type reads but this one was a great one to start off my year with. It’s Lee Livingston’s Memoir called In The Rear View Mirror, intherearviewmirrorbook.com for the info. It’s a great story of friendship, mental illness and redemption. For me that covers all the things that would make a great read.


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