10 Things a Bookworm Loves

Bookworms love to love. We particularly adore anything book related. Or anything which adds to the decadence of the reading experience. Here are 10 bookish things that excite and delight a bookworm:

1. Reading nooks


The dream is to have our own personalized reading nook, complete with lighting, bookshelves, a comfy seating space, and various bookish memorabilia. However, for those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to have our own, we find enjoyment through Pinterest, which allows us to browse the plethora of pictures of reading nooks we hope we’ll be able to have one day.

2. Pretty covers


I’m ashamed to say that, sometimes, we bookworms do judge a book by its cover- how can we not when some covers are just so blooming beautiful? Although it isn’t the most important aspect of a book when you’re reading something that looks so exquisite you can’t help but feel extra excited. Plus, you know it’ll look flawless on your bookshelf.

3. Libraries

Interior of the George Peabody Library in Baltimore

Whether it is your local, university or workplace library, a building dedicated to books is always a nice place to be in. Libraries are full of possibility, containing countless stories and endless amounts of information in more books than you could read in a lifetime (probably).

4. Furry reading companions


Personally, my favorite furry reading companions are cats, due to their small, light bodies which fit on the human lap purrfectly. Plus, their purring makes for a relaxing backing track when reading. Though cats are my preferred reading companions, any animal is a welcome addition to the reading experience in my opinion.

5. Bookshops

Hoću Knjigu bookstore in Zagreb, Croatia.

Whilst we cringe at spending money on clothes, groceries, bills and more, for bookworms there’s an almost addictive pleasure that comes with handing over cash in exchange for truckloads of new books and we walk out of the bookstore feeling an elated excitement at the thought of all the new stories we’ve acquired.

6. Bookish friends


Whilst the ordinary friend will tolerate you rattling on about a plot, fellow bookworms will listen and be as excited and enthralled as you when you’re reviewing your latest read. Bookish buddies will recommend you books, empathize with your book hangovers and discuss at length the books you’ve both read.

7. When favorite authors release new books

There’s nothing like seeing a post from your favorite author, confirming the publication date of their newest release. Giving you something to look forward to for months and months, the prospect of a book being released that you just know you’re going to adore is a feeling unparalleled.

8. The smell of books


Old or new, no true book lover can deny that the smell of bound paper is inordinately gratifying- maybe it’s because we associate the smell with the enjoyment of reading, maybe the smell of ground-up tree is just weirdly alluring. Either way, book-smell is the best smell and I’m waiting for book scented candles.

9 Goodreads


Goodreads: aka Facebook for book people. There’s not much more a book lover could want from a site (though it’d be cool if they updated it so that you could rate with half stars). Allowing you to follow friends’ reviews, join book clubs, follow authors and browse recommendations, Goodreads is a book lover’s dream.

10. Being asked for recommendations

Nothing beats that little excited, giddy feeling a bookworm gets when a friend, relative or stranger asks for a literary recommendation. Of course, the challenging part is narrowing it down to just a few.

books_couple_library_lovers-934647 (1).jpg




6 thoughts on “10 Things a Bookworm Loves

  1. You missed talking about books to people who love books. And them who doesn’t want to talk about books. That is basically whoever will listen to me, if they want or not. I will not stop gushing about the books I love, whether you asked for it or not.


  2. All of the above, plus getting to know other book lovers and becoming apart of a community of book lovers.


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