Reading in the Time of Corona – Five Tips for Booklovers

Current events around the globe have affected almost everyone’s day to day life in one way or another, and multiple countries have taken steps to slow down the spreading of this pandemic. Most countries have ordered people to stay at home as much as possible, and some, for example, booklovers, might embrace this situation to its fullest. We don’t have to come up with ways to entertain ourselves. We, so to speak, have been preparing and training for these kinds of situations. But not everyone is, so here are few tips on how to go with your social distancing, the booklover way.

1. You don’t have to do it alone


If you and a chosen friend or two are all healthy (and not quarantined as a precaution) and there’s no restriction on movement, you can always go and visit each other, bring a book, and read together.

Just remember to build your reading nooks on the opposite corners of the sofa.

2. You don’t have to stay indoors


The northern hemisphere is hurtling quickly towards Spring and Summer, and the weather just keeps improving. Social distancing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stay indoors, at your home, all the time except when you go to the store or some such.

You can still use forests, parks, even your own balcony or front yard, and enjoy a bit of sun as you enjoy a good book, you can drive your car to a secluded beach and take in the scenery while you read, just stay away from large groups of people. Of course, if you’re sick, then you just stay home.

3. Now is the time to test new things


Always been a bit of a sci-fi nerd, but somehow a historical fiction novel has ended up on your shelves? Why not try it out now, that you have time.

Always loved only the classics of literature? Maybe it’s a good chance to try some of the newer authors, just as a test are they any good.

Never tried anything but physical books? Well, my good booklover, there’s a ton of good (and some of them are even free, or offer a free test month) sites that have loads of audiobooks, so go ahead, grab your headphones, and give it a shot.

You’ve read those one or two book series multiple times, but don’t dare to test anything new in the fear that they won’t be as good? Well, now is the time to take that leap of faith, and find what else is out there, I guarantee, it’s gonna be worth it.

4. Where to get our fix


One hindrance we might come up against is the fact that libraries were one of the first places to close, for the sake of prevention (here where I live, at least).

So where to get our day to day fix? Well, bookstores are still open, here at least, so you can take a stroll through one or more (just remember, once again, that if you’re sick, stay home). At this time, when every company and society is feeling the impact of this new situation we’re facing, I suggest trying out some indie bookstores, as a way of helping them out, and trying to make sure they’re still there when the dust settles.

But what about if I’m sick, and I can’t go anywhere, and I have nothing to read at home? Well, you’re lucky that we live in an age when you can get books delivered on your front door. Just pick a website of your favorite bookshop(s) (once again, I suggest using as many independent bookstores as possible) and order a book or ten. Then just wait a few days, and there you have it, a load of books, home-delivered, and you’re set once again. 

There’s also always a chance that one of your friends or family is a hoarder. Hoarder of books. If this is the case, you can always ask if they would be so kind as to lend you something to read. Warning: borrowing a book from a book hoarder contains certain kinds of risks and responsibilities, that you have to consider before even asking.

5. What should I read

giphy (1).gif

Short answer: Anything, and everything

Longer answer: Anything, and everything, that preferably takes your mind away from the current situation. Be it a deep analyzing biography of some historically important figure or an epic fantasy series spanning fifteen brick… I mean books.
Just read anything and everything.

I myself am well equipped to distance myself socially. My personal library contains physical books for approximately 140 days of reading, and my e-reader contains at least some twenty or thirty days more.


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