Goodreads Choice Awards: Best Books of 2017!

And the winners are...

Looking Back at Peter Stjernstorm’s The Best Book in the World

It’s been a few years since Peter Stjernstorm’s novel The Best Book in the World made it to shelves, intriguing readers and writers alike with a title that demands a closer look.

Autumn Reading List – For Those Perfect Rainy Days

Falling leaves? Check. Rainy days? Check. Comfy chair? Check. Fluffy cat? Check. A cup of hot cocoa? Check! Now all we need is a fine book.

Reading in 2017: 5 Books That Made Me a More Effective Reader

Let me tell you how tweaking a couple of details in my reading habits made me a better reader, and my reading experience more rewarding than before.

How To Talk To Bookworms When They Are Reading?

How To Talk To Bookworms When They Are Reading? DON'T. Just don't. Do not talk to them. Do not approach them. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT interrupt them. Do not assume bookworms are anything but deeply indulged into a lifesaving read, a breath of air for their minds and their souls. Just leave … Continue reading How To Talk To Bookworms When They Are Reading?