Summer in the City – Hot Books to Read this Summer

Top summer reads which go hand in hand with a day in the sun and a cosmopolitan in hand.

Dreaming of Disney: The Stories Behind the Fairytales

It cannot escape anyone’s notice when comparing the original novels with the film adaptations that there have been some significant plot changes. Here are just a few...

Truthful Teachings of Tolkien

Tolkien taught us many life lessons that one should always keep in mind in order to live a life as full and prosperous as good old Bilbo Baggins.

Remarkable Places Around the World That Inspired Great Novels

I’ve often wondered how those famous faces of the literary world did it. What inspires them? How did they think up the amazing characters that I can so vividly picture in my mind as I read and how did they dream up places like Narnia, Middle Earth or District 13? I thought I would explore this a little more closely by selecting a few of my most favorite books and seeking out the roots of their stories.

My Top 5 Bookshops in the North of England

I am from the North East of England, and I spend much of my time seeking out homely, independent retailers both to get my fix of leather-bound loveliness and to support my local fellow bookworms.