Guess These Books by Their First Two Lines

Alright, bookworms! It's time for another guess-the-book challenge. We had so much fun last year with the first challenge that we decided to do it again. Can you guess the title and/or author of these twenty books, just from the first two lines? The rules are the same as last time; no prologues and we started with … Continue reading Guess These Books by Their First Two Lines


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Controversial or Difficult Books That Will Broaden Your Horizons

One of the best things about bookworms (and we are pretty awesome in a lot of ways) is our willingness to look at the world through differing points of view. A reader lives a thousand lives, according to George R.R. Martin, and in the process, we disappear into thousands of different minds. Some of the … Continue reading Controversial or Difficult Books That Will Broaden Your Horizons

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Are You an Introverted or Extroverted Reader?

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