5 Books Your Used Bookstore Doesn’t Want

If you own any of these five books and want to give them away, may I suggest anywhere other than a used bookstore?

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The 10 Books Most Likely to Get Thrown Out of a Window

There exists a pact between readers and authors. They, the authors, write the magic words that will take us on a journey. We, the readers, pay our money for a ticket on that journey. We start this journey with expectations. There will be a plot, for one. There will be characters that we start to … Continue reading The 10 Books Most Likely to Get Thrown Out of a Window

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I’m in Love with Books, My Partner is Not

It took several years, broken down into three steps, for me to reach the point of acceptance for this basic difference between our personalities. If I can help someone else get to that point, this article will have done a good thing.