How to Deal With a Reading Slump? – A Practical Guide

Specific guidelines (i.e. what my reader friends and I do) for battling slumps.

Remarkable Places Around the World That Inspired Great Novels

I’ve often wondered how those famous faces of the literary world did it. What inspires them? How did they think up the amazing characters that I can so vividly picture in my mind as I read and how did they dream up places like Narnia, Middle Earth or District 13? I thought I would explore this a little more closely by selecting a few of my most favorite books and seeking out the roots of their stories.

Five Books I Can’t Wait For My Daughter to Read

There’s so many other distractions competing for our children’s attention these days, and that’s perhaps why this little book collection has been an unconscious pet project for me for so long.

7 Basic Tips On How To Write A Book!

Here is a list of simplest tips on how to start writing that masterpiece that has been working its way up in your mind for ages.

How to Read a Book When You Don’t Enjoy Reading

Although reading is an activity most people do on a daily basis, some people do not enjoy it.You can also learn techniques to get you through a text, even if you aren't into it.

3 Children’s Books To Fall In Love With As An Adult

Adulting gave me eyes to see children's literature differently. I started reading books I thought I'll skip altogether, and to my surprise, I loved them!

James Patterson is Donating Another $1.75 Million to School Libraries

Patterson is ready for the second wave of give-aways that he started last year - Patterson's School Library Campaign, in partnership with Scholastic Reading Club, gave hundreds of schools grants in 2015.