This Week’s New York Times Best Sellers! [October 29, 2017]

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A Writer’s Take On Diversity and Representation in Books

A writer's perspective on this issue.

Reasons to Relish the Robert Langdon Series

Here are some of the reasons why I enjoy the series and why I think you should read the books.

“A Dog’s Purpose”: When a Book Goes Hollywood and Haywire

This movie will cause me and many people to come to a difficult decision within the next couple of days. Every human being who has a heart for animals will be questioning whether or not they should support the movie due to the way Hercules was treated in the video.

Netflix to Stream New Adaptation of Anne of Green Gables

Netflix is partnering with CBC on the forthcoming TV adaptation of Anne of Green Gables!

He Proposed His Girlfriend With A Maraduer’s Map That Told The Story Of Their Love

During a trip with Kelsey to the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter", Evan fell in love with the Harry Potter wizard world and thought that a proposal map might not be a bad idea.

Neil Gaiman Is Writing a Six-Part Good Omens Miniseries

Neil Gaiman’s latest project was recently announced along with two other brand new Pratchett-based adaptations. When it rains, it pours. At a memorial for Terry Pratchett on Thursday night, it was revealed that Gaiman would be writing the script for the long-awaited filmed version of Good Omens (there was a radio play on BBC 4 … Continue reading Neil Gaiman Is Writing a Six-Part Good Omens Miniseries

James Patterson is Donating Another $1.75 Million to School Libraries

Patterson is ready for the second wave of give-aways that he started last year - Patterson's School Library Campaign, in partnership with Scholastic Reading Club, gave hundreds of schools grants in 2015.